Schüco Security

Aluminium doors, windows and sliding doors.

40.4% of attempted violations start because of the windows.
10.2% of the theft attempts mainly occur by front door.
40.7% of the break-ins target sliding doors.

Windows, sliding doors and front doors are 80% of the time the target of break-ins.

Thanks to Schüco, the world’s leading company thanks to its innovative technologies and the use of high quality materials, the entrances to your home become a strong barrier against burglary attempts and contribute to the protection of your belongings.

In addition to having a design that elegantly adapts to any architectural style, classic or modern.

Dettaglio di una finestra anti scasso in alluminio Schüco

The resistance classes of Schüco windows

Resistance classes (RC) are established by European standards and are classified by examining how windows and doors behave during burglary tests.

The higher the security class, the lower the break-in possibilities; windows and doors with an RC2 class are recommended to ensure an adequate level of protection.

This is why Schüco windows and doors are manufactured with at least one RC2 class or higher.

Resistance class RC1:

Basic protection that allows windows and doors to withstand break-ins with only 30 seconds of physical force (pushing or kicking) or basic tools (screwdrivers).

Resistance class RC2:

It allows resistance for more than 3 minutes even with the use of more complicated forcing tools, such as wedges or pliers.

Resistance class RC3:

These windows and doors last for several minutes and this acts as a deterrent to thieves. They also withstand the force of complicated tools such as drills, hammers or crowbars.

Serramento Schüco

Schüco windows

Schüco windows and doors combine safety with design, but also provide excellent thermal and sound insulation. A Schüco window features safety glass, lockable or push-button handle, reinforced locking point and integrated alarm sensors. It requires little maintenance and provides long-term protection.

Schüco entrance doors

The doors made of aluminium are fully customizable in order to satisfy the customer with an access to his home pleasant to see and at the same time safe, resistant and thermally insulated.

The doors include alarm sensor, multi-point lock, anti-lift hinges, security cylinder and can be RC3 class.

Porta Schüco semi automatica, dettaglio della tastiera
finestre scorrevoli Schüco in alluminio

Schüco Sliding

With the Schüco sliding, space is also enlarged towards the outside, creating new, brighter rooms while maintaining your safety. They are made with high stability frames and profiles that allow thermal and acoustic insulation combined with aesthetic harmony and safety.

Sliding doors and windows are fitted with safety glass, anti-breakthrough devices, integrated alarm sensors and an additional locking element.

Schüco automations for control technology systems

The mechanisms that allow Schüco access control have the potential to be integrated with the home automation system of your home and allow you to control the house even remotely. Intelligent devices allow you to open or close the door with your fingerprint, open or close doors and windows, use sensors for programmed access locking, and use a video intercom system integrated in the window profile.
Serramenti Schüco con Sistemi di automazione
Serramento Schuco, dettaglio della serratura sulla maniglia

The proven safety of Schüco windows and doors

Schüco windows and doors are rigorously tested by means of high-tech tools in order to ensure maximum safety. The tests carried out verify both static and dynamic water tightness, air permeability, and resistance to wind, shock and corrosion. They are conducted in the Schüco Italia Test Laboratory and the Bielefeld Technology Centre in Germany. The latter has an extension of 7700 square meters and the largest laboratory for testing Schüco systems. Not only are classical tests conducted, but the reactions of materials to exceptional events, such as earthquakes and fire, are also tested.