With its multi-chamber profiles, Schüco Pws Italia offers a wide range of possibilities: from the highly thermally insulated Schüco LivIng Alu Inside to the energy-efficient Schüco LivIng to the more versatile Schüco Corona CT 70 AS.

All guarantee transmittance values suitable for use in buildings with low energy impact and great stability, thanks to the use of special steel reinforcements. In the case of LivIng Alu Inside, these are replaced by a composite aluminium technology co- extruded together with the PVC profile.

porte e finestre in pvc

The possibility of deciding the finish determines the aesthetic impact of the frame but does not affect the technical properties.

The profiles guarantee long life, maintaining the same shape and coating.

They are class S (severe climate) compliant and certified, so they ensure maximum resistance to weather and climatic variations.

The use of pre-inserted EPDM gaskets, characterized by an excellent elastic return, facilitate the closing of the window and ensure its airtightness, eliminating the risk of infiltration and draughts.

Together with multi-chamber technology, they are also primarily responsible for the high sound insulation that

Schüco PVC profiles provide. As evidence of the fact that every single component is designed to give you maximum comfort.