Entrance doors

EPDM pre-inserted seal on the door are characterized by excellent springback properties and excellent permanent elasticity. Innovative geometries and large surfaces ensure excellent joint sealing.

High functional safety and minimum heat loss with 8 mm internal sash overlap. Great tolerance thanks to the 5 mm seal clearance between the outer frame and the sash.

A glass support depth of 18 mm ensures less heat loss at the edge joint of the glass.

The doors are the connecting element between interior and exterior – through the doors we enter houses, apartments, balconies, terraces, loggias and gardens – in a more or less comfortable way. The barrier-free door threshold allows you, your children and your guests to enter and exit without an annoying and dangerous step. So simple and practical that especially the elderly, people with limited mobility, but also children will no longer want to give up this comfort.

The barrier-free door sill is made of a specially developed synthetic material with a high load capacity.

This material, combined with a sophisticated structure, offers additional thermal insulation and consequent energy savings.

Thanks to the higher surface temperature, there is also a clear reduction in the risks associated with condensation of indoor air humidity.

Any type of floor covering, such as parquet and carpet, in direct contact with the door sill will last considerably longer.

Higher requirements in terms of burglary protection can be met - just as with windows - by means of mushroom pawl locks. This will effectively counteract any attempt to unhinge the door.

Our line of panels born to decorate and protect your home, are made with quality materials, the attention to detail and our constant search for new proposals for a modern concept of home have made us gain a prestigious role in the market of entrance doors, creating in us the stimulus to improve and offer products that express the best in technology and style.