Finanziamento infissi da parte di Central Serramenti Trieste

An even more advantageous purchase

With the new credit services dedicated to you, the purchase of Schüco solutions is even more advantageous: you will have the opportunity to defer payment and in addition you can take advantage of the 50% tax deduction offered by the government for the entire amount financed.


A result with no margin for error

Installation is a delicate moment: if it is not carried out properly, it can frustrate all energy-saving efforts. Accurate and precise, the installation of our windows and doors is carried out by specially trained internal technicians who, through non-invasive methods, guarantee a fast and error-free final result.

Installazione infissi da parte di un tecnico di Central Serramenti Trieste
smaltimento serramenti e infissi


Your old window? We'll take care of it!

In case of replacement of the old window frame, we will take care of disassembling it, collecting it and disposing of it in full compliance with the regulations in force, relieving you of any thoughts.


All the security of authenticity

Choosing Schüco solutions gives you the security of having complete systems, authentic in every single component. Schüco aluminium windows and doors, even those intended for residential use, are subjected to the stringent tests required of public offices. This guarantees a unique durability of their performance over time.

Garanzia per gli Infissi Installati