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How do windows and doors contribute to saving energy at home?

Actually, high thermal insulation means energy savings, which in turn means lowering the cost of heating or cooling the building. The windows are the part most in contact with the outside and are therefore the element of the house most subject to heat loss. With the correct door and window frames, however, it is possible to keep the surface temperature as close as possible to that of the indoor environment, thus avoiding annoying temperature changes and significantly reducing the amount of the bill.

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How can good air circulation be achieved using highly insulated windows and doors?

Modern construction techniques and the perfect sealing of the most advanced windows and doors have made the building envelope practically airtight, to the detriment of the natural ventilation of the rooms.

The main cause of indoor pollution is in fact the lack of recirculation of the air flow, which can cause stagnation and accumulation of harmful substances in the environment. It is advisable, therefore, to provide a mechanical ventilation system that allows a continuous and controlled air exchange in all rooms of the house, so as to protect people’s health without affecting the energy efficiency of the building.

To address these issues, Schüco innovation has led to the creation of Schüco VentoTherm, a highly efficient solution for decentralised ventilation with heat recovery, integrated into windows.


What is low-E glass?

Low emissivity glass is glass with a metal oxide deposit on the internal front, which improves its thermal insulation performance without reducing its brightness. The cladding, in fact, on the one hand reflects the heat towards the inside of the room, on the other hand it allows the light and heat of the sun to enter freely, with great advantage for areas with a particularly cold climate.

What are soundproof glass?

Exposure to noise can be very annoying for living comfort, especially in busy areas. Soundproof glass plays a key role from an acoustic point of view because, thanks to special soundproofing films, it reduces external noise without compromising light transmission.

Why do you recommend aluminium windows and doors?

The high resistance to air, water, corrosion and weathering makes aluminium the ideal material for windows, doors and facades. In addition to ensuring good energy performance, aluminium is particularly strong and resistant, allowing for large glass openings and completely original shapes.
The ease of processing and the infinite possibilities of colouring, moreover, allow it to set no limits to the freedom of design, creating extremely versatile works.

Can windows be damaged over time?

Aluminium is an extremely resistant material. In addition, aluminium windows and doors undergo a special surface treatment, which guarantees a long life over time, both the aesthetic characteristics and the performance and functional characteristics of these frames, reducing the need for maintenance.