Design, comfort, safety: considered fundamental to define the character and style of your home, the window on the living comfort of the environment in which we live.

The choice of the right window, in fact, must take into account not only an adequate duration over time of the windows and doors, ma also some characteristics that contribute to improving the quality of life, including the ability of thermal and acoustic insulation, air and water resistance and the safety degree about burglary.

Finestra AWS 65 con guarnizione centrale continua
Guarnizione centrale continua con tecnologia Schüco

Designed according to different needs, Schüco windows combine quality, design and technological innovation with the safety of your home and the reduction of energy consumption.

Enhance the style of your home

palette coloriSchüco windows best interpret the new styles of contemporary living and thanks to the wide range of colours offered – including the wood effect finish – allow a perfect integration between the window and the architectural identity of your home.

Choose the profile that suits you best

Minimal, classic, retro, futuristic: whatever your style is, you’re sure to find the right profile to enhance the environment you live in.

The possibilities offered by Schüco to integrate hinges and security and automation mechanisms into the profiles not only enhance the aesthetics of the window and door frame, but also increase the level of protection, making burglar-proof systems much more difficult to detect and break in.All Schüco solutions can be adjusted to suit every need, from the minimum required by law to the highest performance levels currently achievable.


Freedom of space for your ideas

Highly customizable, Schüco windows are custom-made without any limit to creativity. The infinite design possibilities of aluminium, in fact, make it possible to create glass openings of the most varied shapes and sizes, without compromising its stability and durability over time.

Each room has its own opening

The type of opening of a window sash has an important role in the architectural realization of the house, but it is not only an aesthetic factor: depending on the opening, in fact, the performance and maintenance methods can change.

Simple door

Suitable for even large mirrors up to 1.7 metres in size

Folding door

Allows you to ventilate the house without opening the window, thanks to the tilting function

Vasistas Door

Suitable for very wide and low mirrors when only the tilt opening is sufficient

Horizontal hovering

Ideal for particularly large mirrors, facilitates opening and also cleaning of the exterior side

Two simple doors
Suitable for large mirrors ensures excellent flexibility of use

Tilt&turn door
Combines the advantages of the simple door with those of the tilt&turn door

French window
Combines the functions of a door with the performance of a tilt and turn window. Suitable to allow access to terraces and balconies in very weather exposed situations

When the window is performance

risparmio energetico casaBeing the part most in contact with the outside, windows play a key role in the energy efficiency of the house. In addition to good air and water tightness, they must guarantee high performance in terms of thermal insulation, thus allowing significant savings in the bill on the costs of heating and cooling the building.

For concrete energy savings, Schüco offers various solutions that can be tailored to your needs, from the minimum required by law to the highest performance levels currently achievable.

Sleep soundly!

sicurezza finestreThe daily chronicle shows a constant growth of intrusions into homes by criminals. The weakest and most accessible points of a house are usually the doors and windows, often burglarized with sophisticated and silent tools.

In order to deal with these problems, Schüco designs windows and doors equipped with modular burglar-proof components that comply with the strictest European standards. Schüco solutions already offer a high level of protection through burglar-proof mechanisms integrated in the profiles, which maintain the aesthetic appearance of the window while providing exceptional security.garantendo al contempo una sicurezza d’eccezione.

Class RC1
The window only resists breakage attempts based on physical force, e.g. kicking or shoulder push

Class RC2
The window resists burglary attempts with simple tools such as pincers, screwdrivers and wedges.

Class RC3
The window resists burglary attempts with a second screwdriver and crowbar.

Class RC4
The window guarantees resistance to breakage tools such as saws, axes, cordless drills or similar.