Boundless brightness

More light, more space: ideal for large glazed openings, Schüco sliding doors are true design accessories, perfect for giving more space and brightness to your home and for allowing a continuous dialogue between indoor and outdoor environment.


The technical value of Schüco’s sliding systems is all encapsulated in the very thin profiles, which make it possible to create large-format sliding glazing with maximum transparency on the one hand and high thermal insulation on the other.

A space-saving solution

Schüco slides are even more innovative as they are available in different opening types


Schüco sliding doors slide silently from one side to the other on stainless steel rails, without taking up additional space in the room.


Lifting Sliding
These systems involve lifting the sash before sliding. In addition to the typical functionality of the slides, they allow a particular air and water tightness

Parallel Sliding
Combine the advantages of the sliding system with the performance of the tilt and turn window


Hinged Sliding
The system makes the movement of the doors fluid and silent, offering the possibility of replacing entire walls by transforming them into large walls.

No limits to creative freedom

palette coloriSlim, elegant and fully customisable, Schüco sliding doors leave plenty of room for design creativity.

Available in a wide range of colours, the profile surfaces meet the most varied individual requirements and can be combined externally and internally with different shades.

Fine lines for maximum transparency

sistemi scorrevoli schucoDesigned to allow a minimum visual encumbrance and to embrace the entire outdoor landscape, Schüco aluminium sliding doors have slim view sections and are available in numerous types.

The possibility of coordinating the lines of the profiles and handles with the rest of the house’s windows and doors allows you to uniform the aesthetics of the environment and to create windows and doors perfectly in line with your style.

Large windows that last over time

Sliding systems are the perfect choice for large windows because they make it easy to open and move very large sashes.

Custom-made, Schüco aluminium sliding doors amplify the architectural opportunities and thanks to the ductility of the material allow transparent openings up to 3mx3m without compromising stability and durability.


Maximum transparency, minimum heat loss

isolamento termicoAlthough glass is of particular importance, especially in the case of a sliding door, a significant contribution in terms of energy efficiency is also made by the frame and the central upright of the window. Thanks to their thermally insulated profiles and high quality seals, Schüco slides guarantee excellent levels of thermal insulation and carefully control the energy exchange between inside and outside.

All the comfort in one touch

infissi apertura elettronicaIn order to easily manoeuvre the sliding door sashes, Schüco has made it possible to integrate the Schüco e-slide motorised system into its sliding doors. Thanks to e-slide technology, you can only open, close and lock the door to the balcony, conservatories or terrace with a light finger pressure.

The automatic drive system does not involve any modification of the visible section and is available for sliding and lift sliding systems.

Sleep soundly!!

sicurezza casaThe security systems that Schüco provides for its sliding are in line with the strictest European standards and are designed to offer excellent protection against burglary attempts even from the basic version. In order not to affect the design of its solutions, Schüco integrates the burglar-proof components directly into the profiles, or provides external elements with a low impact, ensuring a clean and elegant aesthetics at all times.
Class RC1
The sliding only resists breakage attempts based on physical force, e.g. kicking or shoulder push. Class RC2
The sliding resists burglary attempts with simple tools such as pincers, screwdrivers and wedges. Class RC3
The sliding resists burglary attempts with a second screwdriver and crowbar Class RC4
The sliding guarantees resistance to breakage tools such as saws, axes, cordless drills or similar.integrati nei profili, che mantengono inalterato l’aspetto estetico della finestra garantendo al contempo una sicurezza d’eccezione.