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Resistant and durable, Schüco aluminum entrance doors are the maximum expression of technology, for windows with high insulating, functional and high anti-intrusion protection.

It is not just a passage: the entrance door is the business card of every house, the exact point where the house begins and the outside world ends.

The right aesthetic balance between frame, panel and handle is therefore essential for a harmonious overall image that reflects your style and personality

But design isn’t everything: the entrance door must also provide both excellent thermal insulation and high burglary safety standards to protect the world we live in safely and effectively.

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Resistant and durable, Schüco aluminium entrance doors are the highest expression of technology, for doors with high insulating power, functionality and high intrusion protection.

Thanks to their design, which can be perfectly matched to Schüco window and façade systems, the entrance doors are also flexible and versatile solutions that meet every requirement in terms of both energy performance and architecture".


palette coloriThe front door is one of the first things you notice about a building, which is why it is an element to be taken into great consideration from a design point of view.

It doesn’t matter whether you want to achieve a harmonious effect or a play of contrasts: Schüco entrance doors can be made in a multitude of colours, so that every home can find the shade that best suits its architectural style.


A detail of great importance

Hinges are an important element of the entrance doors, because they contribute to their performance in terms of robustness and design.

Cylindrical hinges
They are in sight and stand out for their elegant aesthetics
Concealed hinges:
They are fully integrated in the profiles and true to the principle of “reduction to the essential”, without compromising functionality.

360° energy efficiency

Risparmio energeticoThe current architectural composition tends to eliminate reception spaces at the entrance, opting for direct access without filters inside the house. This requires the entrance doors to be adjusted to the thermal insulation values already guaranteed for windows, so that there are no unpleasant temperature changes at the entrances.

With seals that automatically lower when the door is closed to prevent the passage of air from outside, Schüco entrance doors provide optimum thermal insulation and thus contribute to the building’s maximum energy efficiency.


Technology that makes life easier

infissi apertura elettronicaThanks to automatic drive mechanisms perfectly integrated in the frames, comfort has also reached the door sector, facilitating on the one hand the opening and closing of the entrances through innovative motorizations and on the other hand allowing a tight access control through cameras and devices based on fingerprint recognition.

With the biometric fingerprint reading system, for example, just swipe your finger over the thermal reading strip to automatically unlock the door. In this way access is not only fast, but also guaranteed only to authorized visitors, for a maximum level of security against unwanted intrusion.


A safe house

sicurezza casaThe issue of security is even more important when it comes to entrance doors. It is not only common sense that suggests the correct closing of one’s own window or door, but also the regulations: if, after a break-in, it emerges that doors and windows were not properly locked, the insurance cover may be at risk. Thanks to a series of technical and mechanical measures along the entire perimeter of the window, Schüco entrance doors are designed to prevent the most invasive break-ins: reinforced locks with protective washers, locking rostrums, cylinders, anti-hooking hinges and additional devices make entering the house safe compared to the most common burglary attempts.

Class RC1
The front door only withstands breaking attempts based on physical force, e.g. kicking or shoulder push.

Class RC2
The front door resists burglary attempts with simple tools such as pincers, screwdrivers and wedges

Class RC3
The front door resists burglary attempts with a second screwdriver and crowbar.

Class RC4
The entrance door provides resistance to breakage tools such as saws, axes, cordless drills or similar.