Ideal to add a new bright and welcoming space to the house, the conservatory must be considered as a connecting element between indoor and outdoor environment.

This is why it is important that in terms of energy efficiency, functionality, weather resistance and design it pursues the same performance levels as the rest of the house

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Schüco aluminium conservatory systems for conservatories guarantee the durability of the components and, thanks to proven system technology, offer countless structural and performance advantages.

In addition to this, there is also a comprehensive range of accessories for ventilation, lighting or shading, so that everyone can make their dream conservatory reality.

A great interpretation of design

From the winter garden to the annexe, Schüco offers numerous design interpretations with a variety of plant forms to add a place full of emotion to the house.

The narrow exposed sections and the wide variety of colours available allow you to create your own individual conservatory, which can be combined with other Schüco door, window and façade systems that may already be installed in your home.


Choose the opening you prefer

Sliding doors, tilting sliding doors, folding doors: in a Schüco conservatory you can choose the opening elements that you prefer, the important thing is to create a perfect connection between the outside and the inside that always guarantees maximum brightness.

An intelligent system

prestazioni energeticheBeing an extension of the house, the conservatory needs energy performance equal to that required for windows, doors and facades, in order to guarantee a homogeneous thermal insulation and therefore a significant saving in the bill.Even without the installation of additional components, the Schüco conservatory offers high performance in terms of energy efficiency.

The large surface area of the glass casing absorbs and stores the heat of the sun’s rays, reducing the need for external heat usually supplied through traditional heating systems. During the warmer seasons, on the other hand, the risk of overheating of the conservatory is avoided through intelligent ventilation elements, which benefits the costs of cooling the building.

An oasis of peace and quiet

prestazioni acusticheIn order to enjoy peace and quiet, it is essential to be able to break down the annoying noises that come from outside the context in which we live.

The Schüco opening systems used for the construction of the conservatory are characterised by excellent sound insulation properties, so that the conservatory can be transformed into an oasis of peace even close to particularly busy areas.

Safe as houses

In order to feel as safe and secure as in the rest of the house, it is essential that the conservatory also meets the highest safety requirements. The Schüco conservatory provides maximum protection against burglary or vandalism, guaranteeing you maximum security, just like inside the house.

Class 1
The conservatory is only resistant to breakage attempts based on physical force, e.g. kicking or shoulder push.

Class 2
The conservatory can withstand burglary attempts with simple tools such as pincers, screwdrivers and wedges.

Class 3
The conservatory can withstand burglary attempts with a second screwdriver and crowbar.

Class 4
The conservatory guarantees resistance to breakage tools such as saws, axes, cordless drills or similar.