The advantages of choosing Schüco


The importance of the single detail

The window is no longer an element personalityless to hide behind a curtain, but is now a precious design furniture, made especially for a home tailored to your taste and ideas.

The great customization possibilities of Schüco aluminium solutions allow you to choose the colour that best matches the furnishings, the profile that best reflects the style of the house and the most suitable glass opening to easily use your space.

The constant search for harmony between design and technology also makes it possible to hide all automation and security systems from view, enhancing the aesthetic linearity of the glass opening down to the smallest detail.


We care about your well-being

Open, close and ventilate the rooms, but that’s not all: the choice of Schüco solutions also makes it possible to significantly improve the quality of life thanks to systems that are easy to move, have a wide range of automation options and have high soundproofing power. In fact, Schüco windows and doors can not only be operated remotely through mechanisms and sensors fully integrated into the profiles, but also allow the reduction of any annoying noise, increasing the sound insulation of your home wherever it is.


State-of-the-art performance for significant savings

UHigh thermal insulation means energy savings, which in turn means both greater environmental protection and lowering the cost of the bill.

The windows, being the part of the building most in contact with the outside, are the element of the house most subject to heat loss. By choosing a Schüco solution, however, it is possible to ensure that the surface temperature of the window and door is kept as close as possible to that of the interior environment, thus avoiding annoying temperature changes.

All Schüco solutions can be adjusted to suit every need, from the minimum required by law to the highest performance levels currently achievable, and significantly reduce the amount of the building’s heating or cooling bill. All Schüco solutions can be adjusted to suit every need, from the minimum required by law to the highest performance levels currently achievable, and significantly reduce the amount of the building’s heating or cooling bill.


Your safety, our priority

Statistics show a steady increase in home intrusions by criminals. The weakest and most accessible points of a house are usually the doors and windows, often burglarized with sophisticated and silent tools.
It is in everyone’s interest to protect the safety of home and family, which is why Schüco products support these demands without compromising on design and living comfort.
Thanks to solid aluminium profiles, Schüco offers a high level of protection for all its solutions starting from the standard versions, with the possibility to increase and customize the anti-burglary degree even with sophisticated bullet-proof and anti-explosion systems.

Class RC1: The window only resists breakage attempts based on physical force, e.g. kicking or shoulder push.

Class RC2: The window resists burglary attempts with simple tools such as pincers, screwdrivers and wedges.

Class RC3: Window resists burglary attempts with a second screwdriver and crowbar.

Class RC4: The window guarantees resistance to breakage tools such as saws, axes, cordless drills or similar.


No limits to design freedom

New architectural and design trends favour the creation of increasingly large glazed openings, both to increase the brightness of the interior and to create a greater dialogue with the surrounding environment. The role of windows and
doors has thus become even more decisive at the design level, as they have to replace increasingly large areas of masonry.

Schüco aluminium systems amplify the creative opportunities because they allow large transparent openings to be made without compromising the stability and durability of the window or door. The aluminium, in fact, is not only characterized by a particular ductility, but also has great mechanical strength and burglar-proof, for windows of various shapes but always efficient, resistant and safe.


As efficient as the first day

In the field of windows and doors, guaranteeing quality over time is certainly the most important thing. In addition to the value of equipment, accessories and seals, it is in particular the type of material with which a window is made that influences its durability over time.

Schüco aluminium systems are designed to live for a long time while maintaining both the energy performance and the mechanics and aesthetics of the profiles, which do not undergo any deformation or change due to atmospheric agents. The excellent quality of the products is ensured by the use of high-quality components for the mechanisms and the extreme precision in processing by competent Schüco partners.

I sistemi in alluminio Schüco vengono progettati per vivere a lungo mantenendo inalterate nel tempo sia le performance energetiche sia la meccanica e l’estetica dei profili, che non subiscono deformazioni né alcun mutamento dovuto agli agenti atmosferici. L’eccellente qualità dei prodotti è assicurata dall’impiego di componenti pregiati per i meccanismi e dall’estrema precisione nella lavorazione da parte di Partner Schüco competenti.


The right opening for every situation

The presence of doors and windows functional to the different contexts of insertion is a very important aspect not only to ensure good air quality to the environments, but also to make the best use of the spaces in which we live.

Choosing the correct type of opening of a window or door allows to amplify the energy performance and increase the living comfort of the house. Schüco designs sliding, hinged, tilt and turn, vasistas and many more – choose the one that suits your home best!


The protagonist of green architecture

Design flexibility, robustness, durability, customizable design and dimensional stability are just some of the reasons that have made aluminium the great protagonist of modern construction and the focus of green architecture.
Aluminium is a completely recyclable resource, which can be reused countless times without losing its characteristics and properties.

In addition, Schüco aluminium solutions have a significant impact on the energy characteristics of a building, in particular the reduction of CO2 emissions and energy consumption related to the heating and cooling of the building.


All the reliability of a Schüco Partner

The high technical and quality standards of Schüco aluminium solutions, designed in full compliance with the strictest European standards, guarantee unrivalled durability and the highest levels of safety and comfort. Only the correct installation of the window and door frame, however, determines its actual performance: this is why Schüco relies on the care and skill of specially selected and trained partners to guarantee you a safe and efficient service at all stages of the relationship, even before and after sales.